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Once you dispatch a package (or several packages) for delivery by UPS, chances are that you will feel the need to check the progress of the shipment. Or at the very least, having dispatched a package (or several packages) for delivery through UPS, chances are that you will feel the need to ascertain whether or not the package was ultimately delivered where it was supposed to be delivered. In a similar manner, if you are expecting something to be delivered to you through UPS, chances are that you will feel the need to check the progress of the shipment from time to time. Aware of these sorts of needs, UPS (United Parcel Services) has set up a system through which tracking of packages can be done.

UPS tracking options

There are actually several ways in which UPS tracking can be done. Those include UPS tracking by number, UPS tracking by email and UPS tracking by reference. There is also the option for UPS tracking by SMS (text messages).

UPS tracking by number

A tracking number or an InfoNotice number is assigned for each package that is dispatched for delivery by UPS. You can use that number for tracking purposes. You just need to go to the tracking page on the UPS website, click to indicate that you wish to ‘track by number’, and then enter that number. Having entered the number, or several numbers for different packages (up to 25, one per line), click on the ‘Track’ button, and you will be given a reasonably detailed update on the status of the package(s).

UPS tracking by email

Here, you send the tracking number to a certain email address (totaltrack@ups.com). You are then replied with a detailed response about the status of the shipment. For a single package, you can have the tracking number as the subject of the email message, with the body being left blank. For several packages, you can leave the subject line blank, and enter the tracking numbers in the body of the message. You need to note that this email-based tracking only works for small packages. It doesn’t work for UPS freight shipments.

UPS tracking by reference

Here, you start by specifying the type of shipment: whether it is a package, mail or freight. Then you enter the shipment reference number, followed by the few other required details — and finally click on the ‘Track’ button in order to initiate the tracking.

UPS tracking by SMS

This is a unique UPS tracking approach: as it is one that requires you to first ‘opt in’. So you go to the tracking detail page, click on ‘request status updates’, and then click on ‘SMS notifications’. You then enter your mobile number: the one on which you wish to be receiving the SMS notifications. Having done so, UPS would then be in a position to send you Isms (text messages) with information about your shipment(s).

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