UPS Label Printing

If you wish to have a package delivered to any given destination by UPS, then you need to print a UPS label and attach it to the package in question. It is through the label that the UPS staff are able to tell where to deliver the package — and whom to deliver the package to. Printing a UPS label is easy, once you have entered the shipment information. UPS labels and UPS receipts normally go together: which means that you may find yourself also printing your UPS receipt at the time when you print the UPS label.

Entering the UPS shipment information

Before you can be in a position to print a UPS label, you need to first enter the UPS shipping information. It is this information that is reflected in the UPS label: telling the UPS people where you want your package to be taken (among other relevant details).

To enter the UPS shipment information, you need to go to the UPS website, roll your mouse over the ‘Shipping’ link from the main menu at the top, and then from the drop down links that appear, click on ‘Create a Shipment’. By filling in the form in the page that you are taken to next, you will be entering the necessary UPS shipment information: this being the information that will be reflected on your UPS label.

Printing the actual UPS label

Having entered the UPS shipment information, you will be taken to the shipment completion screen. There, you will need to click on the appropriate checkboxes, to view and print the UPS label (alongside the UPS receipt). Upon doing this, a new browser window will come up, where the label(s) will be displayed. Wait for the label to load fully, before printing. You may also consider printing a sample UPS label first, to see how well your printer is able to do the job, before proceeding to print the actual label.

What you need to do, after printing the UPS label

After printing the UPS label, all you need to do is to attach it to the package you wish to ship by UPS. Then, based on the information that is displayed on the UPS label, the UPS staff will be able to deliver the package to the intended place.

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