www.Upsers.com – UPS Employee Login Page

UPSers.com is a site that is created to cater for the needs of the people who work for UPS (United Parcel Services). It is the website where the people who work for UPS can access their pay stubs online. It is also the website where the UPS staff, who are also known as UPSers, can sign up for direct deposit or change their direct deposit details. UPSers.com is also a site where folks who work for UPS can get to read about happenings in the company and about other people who work there. And there is more to UPSers.com: for it is also a site where folks who work for UPS can get information about discounts available to them, while those who are in sales can access sales leads (and read salespeople’s comments) on it. In a nutshell, UPSers.com is a site where you can find pretty much every bit of work-related information you need, if you work for UPS.

Accessing UPSers.com

To access UPSers.com, you only need to enter that address (UPSers.com) into your browser’s address bar, and then hit the ‘enter’ key on your keyboard. You will notice that the page you land on, upon entering that address, has little content: it being essentially a login page.

UPSers.com log in

You log into UPSers.com by entering your user ID and your password, and then clicking on a ‘Log In’ button. The relevant user ID to enter there is, in actual fact, your employee ID. Don’t confuse your employee ID with your Social Security Number. The employee ID is distinct, and it can be easily found on your UPS pay stub.

People who can use UPSers.com

UPSers.com is meant to be used by folks who are working for UPS (United Parcel Service): these being both the active and inactive employees. Retired employees who are on UPS’ retirement plan can also use the UPSers.com website, as can separated employees. But it is important to note that when it comes to separated employees, access to UPSers.com is limited. The separated employees can only access the site until the month of June of the year after the one in which they are separated from UPS. After that, they are unable to log into UPSers.com.

UPSers.com new user registration

To initiate the registration, you need to go to the UPSers.com login page — which is simply the page you land on when you enter the address ‘UPSers.com’ into your browser. Once there, you need to enter your user ID. Then you need to construct a one-time password: using the first two letters of your last name in lower case, and the last 4 numbers of your employee ID. Once you log in using this temporary password (officially referred to as a PIN), you need to proceed to create a proper password: the one that you will be using henceforth on an ongoing basis, to log into UPSers.com.

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